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About Jaime

Jaime Cale is a Black and Indigenous, married mom of two biracial sons, both attending Portland Public Schools.  She is a social worker, mediator, PPS employee and co-founder of Mxm Bloc.  Each of these roles haves heightened Jaime’s conviction that PPS  needs stronger leadership, rooted in a foundation of equity, and racial & and social justice. 


As a native Portlander, Jaime is well aware of the historical inequities that have impacted education in Portland for generations.  BIPOC students, Special Education students and those who are not native English speakers are consistently left behind.  The pattern of neglect that leaves these students marginalized must be changed.  Jaime pledges to disrupt the status quo, focus on equitable experiences and outcomes and help create a PPS where all children have access to the supports they need to be successful. 


 Experience You Can Trust 

• Non-profit Board Management Trainer


• Certified Mediator


• Equity-based Facilitator


• School, Hospital and Government experience


• Former State and City PTA Executive Board member


• Community Organizer and Event Planner


• Non-profit Board experience


• Mxm Bloc Co-Founder



This is a grassroots campaign, and it's gonna take a village to make this happen! Please join us to vote for Jaime on May 18th, and make a donation!


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